Galaxy with a 3-point Image

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This is "Galaxy" by Steve and Peggy Kittelson and it has a 2-mirror 3-point system.  The exterior is dichroic glass with a matte finish.  There is a turning end, side-lit, fluid-filled object chamber with a black background that is filled with dichroic lampworked glass pieces by Peggy.  The mandala in this scope is surrounded by a lovely colorful display.  The interior walls of this scope are iridescent due to the inclusion of dichroic glass on one side of the mirror system.  This is a special mirror system called "Northern Lights" that creates a single mandala image with additional reflection from the interior walls.  This scope measures 9-1/2"T x 2" in diameter and it comes with a wooden stand in black that is lined on the inside and the bottom with black suede.  This scope is signed by the artists, named and dated (2019).