Luminon II

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"Luminon II" is an amazing solid hand-sculpted Cherry wood parlor kaleidoscope by Jon Haven.  This scope features a modified 2-mirror system which produces a beautiful 3-dimensional, cone-shaped mandala that softens as the image recedes.  The 3-dimensionality of the images is somewhat lost in the photographs but you can see some of the softening of the image at the center.  The large fluid-filled, turning, side-lit object cell features lampworked glass, seashells, millefiori and many other glittery items.  This scope also has a good size viewing port making it easy to view the images within.  This scope measures 16-1/2"T x 23"L x 8-1/2"W, it weighs 19 lbs., and it has a plaque on the base that reads "Luminon II, by Jon Haven, May 2006).