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"Mandala" by artist Hiroshi Wakabayashi is a handcrafted Kaleidoscope with a stunning otherworldly design that lets you experience magic! The intricate and colorful patterns you see are attributed to a polarized filter that bends the light that passes through the object chamber; this changes the speed of the lightwave that hits the cones in your eyes, tricking you into seeing something richly colorful! It is hard to believe there is nothing colored inside the cell at all: just clear glass creating shape and texture. Hiroshi engraves his initials on the body of this scope which is embellished with stones and dazzling soldering as well as the title, MANDALA.

This Kaleidoscope comes in a 2-Mirror or 3-Mirror.

PLEASE NOTE: Wakabayashi-San occasionally makes slight aesthetic modifications to the embellishments on the outside of his scopes! These do not affect the internal image whatsoever, but you may find that the stones vary scope to scope. Please email us if you would like more information!