Morning Glory Artist Proof

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"Morning Glory Artist Proof" is a wonderful handheld kaleidoscope by Steve and Peggy Kittelson.  The barrel of this scope is slumped white glass with blue Morning Glories.  The barrel is made in two stages with the Morning Glories being tack-fused together first and then fired with the base to form the barrel.  This scope has a turning end, side-lit, fluid-filled object cell with a black background and it includes flame sculpted glass pieces with miniature flowers.  The colors in the object cell are shades of blues, purples, pinks with accents of green, yellow and dichroic.  This scope is signed (Peggy Burnside and Steve Kittelson), named (Morning Glory), dated (1997) and marked (Artist Proof).  This scope measures 10-3/8"T x 2-1/2" in diameter and it comes with the wooden stand pictured.