Ento Parlor

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"Ento Parlor" is a magical parlor kaleidoscope by Marc Tickle.  This scope started out its evolution as a handheld "Peek-a-Box" model, and has morphed into this modern, sleek, optical illusion kaleidoscope that defies gravity and boggles the mind.  Using some tricks from the 19th century magicians, Marc has made the dragonfly in the barrel of the scope appear to float in mid air.  All the while, there is a fully functional kaleidoscope hidden within the cylinder as well.  This scope body and stand are made of glass over hand-painted art paper.  There is a large, turning, fluid-filled object cylinder that includes beautiful lampworked glass, dichroic glass and other glittery items.  This scope has a 2-mirror system and it measures 13"T x 13"L x 4-1/2'W at the object cell.