The Bridge

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This beautiful kaleidoscope creation by Mark and Carol Reynolds is "The Bridge".  Mark says that the inspiration for the form of this scope comes from the Starship Enterprise.  The Bridge on the Enterprise is the central brain of the whole starship.  The image you see in this kaleidoscope is Mark's rendition of what you would see on the Bridge when the Captain says "Engage" to go into warp drive.  The word Bridge has many meanings in our lives and this is one of them.  

This scope has a beautiful solid wood body with inlaid glittery circles of color on the top and a it is mounted on a burl wood base. There is a 7-1/2" in diameter, turning, top- and side-lit, fluid-filled object cell that includes lampworked glass, millefiori, beads and lots of colorful glittery items.  The scope measures 19"T x 20"L x 12-1/2"W.  There is a large viewing port which allows for easy viewing of the increadible flowing images within.